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"Music is the art of thinking with sounds."

Jules Combarieu




Welcome to my world of tones. Tones that accompany me day after day through life and allow me to lose myself in multifaceted colors and to express myself. Everything that has been experienced, all impressions and feelings can flow into musical forms and merge into music. Wherever there are connections and opposites, music is created. At what points do they harmonize with each other? Where does unison happen? Where do tensions arise? Is dissonance just the spice before a resolution? All these elements and much more motivate me every day to create as different things as possible, which nevertheless have a common focus: musical emotion. ​ I invite you to get to know some of my musical ways on my website. ​

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 Wiener Zeitung
Marion Eigl / Vienna
(Sept. 2019)

The highlight right at the beginning: The birthday fanfare "Imogen & Posthumus" by Matthias Werner (...) is a hit, especially on an energetic level. Antonia Grüner, Artistic Director of Jeunesse Austria, used the terms “rousing” and “inspiring” in her speech.

Luzerner Zeitung
Roman Kühne / Switzerland
(Sept. 2018)

Eventyret om Fossegrimen - a composition inspired by a waterfall in the far north. (...) Here, too, a widely ramified musical history unfolds. Sensitive and refined. The pieces leave plenty of room for the listener's imagination, are stimulating miniatures, stimulate mind and soul. A lot is unexpected. It's rarely clear what comes next. But these compositions are never, really never boring.

Hubert Schmalor / Germany
(Jän. 2023)

"Yggdrasil" While the first movement describes the "world ash" that encompasses the entire cosmos, the following movements first go to earth, then to the underworld, and finally to the upper world. Mysteriously flowing, radiantly shining, abysmal rumbling, delicately breathy or dissonant shaking - here the diversity of the world, not only in Nordic mythology, is impressively musically implemented.

Musik ansehen


When I was given the task of composing for a large symphony orchestra and Federspiel in 2017, the excitement was great. Bringing so many musical voices together and making them sound was a hurdle, but I knew it was a dream come true. The fondness for composing for orchestra became immense. I was rewarded with wonderful concert evenings, countless positive feedback and a good feeling that will last for a long time.


As a lover of inventions, I have already been able to contribute compositions for wonderful projects with a focus on music... I like to work on projects of all shapes and colors for young audiences; such as "Huckepack" - an overture for symphony orchestra and children that takes the audience on an interactive journey into a concert. Music education and symphony orchestra: 

An immense passion.


For me, the exciting thing about composing for films is capturing characters and moods and reinforcing them with a musical language. In my opinion, good film music with a wide arc is created when the composer can see the film through the eyes of the director and make it sound. At the end there is a film that impresses with its images, inspires with its plot and lives with its music.


Since Federspiel was founded in 2004, there have been a number of compositions and arrangements for 7 wind instruments. I'm constantly honing my musical skills. It has been a great pleasure to perform these compositions as a trombonist and singer with Federspiel on the world's concert stages for 17 years.


As a former trombonist, it was always important to me to write for my closest relatives (the brass players). With and for Federspiel I wrote numerous compositions for wind ensembles. Further compositions were written later, also for wind bands.


I composed and produced two studio albums in the pop/rock genre: "But the moon will stay" (2013) and "Kinderschuach" (2014). Above all, I find the lyrics in this area great, because you have to harmonize the tonal and textual levels.

Music in the head


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